The Herobrine is a new Minecraft gametype where survivors have to defeat the mythical, ever powerful Herobrine. The best part? You have a chance to become him... and kill the survivors.

Donating and buying premium is a great way to support us, find the shop here.

Thanks and Updates!

by JollyajaX

Hey everyone, thought I'd just do a quick post to say thank you to everyone so far who has supported TheHerobrine - either by promoting it, tweeting it, buying premium or just playing in general! It means a huge amount that nearly 50,000 minecrafters have played this so far!

We're working hard on new maps, we have 3 brand new maps coming soon thanks to members of Vareide, our very own Will and PureAmbience. They're looking amazing and can't wait to show you. Along with the new maps will be a plugin update. This will bring support for new classes and a few fancy things that will help us all (oh, and awesome little pets on your head)!

We also have teamspeak, which you can find details to here. But beyond that, that's it! Happy playing!

Welcome to The Herobrine

by b0xx3r

Welcome to The Herobrine, The Herobrine is a custom server gametype that requires no mods for you to play.

After months and months of work from coming up with the original idea, to building maps, to testing ideas and the actual coding of the entire thing, which was entirely written from scratch by Matt (make sure to thank him if you see him in a server or the forums!) we are finally able to release it for everyone to use! To play you will first need to join a server, there are server’s setup in Europe and America so make sure you pick the right one for the best connection.

All of the server IPs can be found by going here. If you are unsure how to play the game, look at the video above this post! It explains everything :)

One of the things we are most proud of is the ability to stream custom audio using a website. Please goto and enter your IGN and the server you are connected to. Then minise the website, and enjoy hearing herobine murder you. Muahaha.

We hope you will enjoy this game, we have done countless hours of balancing and testing for this game but we are always up for adding new things or changing something if it turns out it’s not working perfectly, the best way to give us feedback is to head over to our forums (link) and post in the right section, we’d love to hear your thoughts!